Take the controls of your own Virtual Trade Show space in minutes!

With your personal exhibit hall, you can immediately start adding exhibit booths within the walls of your new exhibit hall space. It's easy to assign custom graphics to each exhibit to give it a unique and distinquishable look in the exhibit hall. Add additional information and links to each exhibit booth to extend the reach of each exhibitor.

Creating Your First Virtual Trade Show

Click through the tabs below to see how easy it is to get a Virtual Trade Show up and running on YOUR website.

Exhibit Hall Setup

You start with an empty exhibit hall space.

In our latest exhibit hall floor plan, there is one large exhibit room and two smaller exhibit areas.

You can walk the space yourself and imagine the best layout for your incoming exhibitors.


Exhibit Hall SetupClick the "Add New Exhibit" option. Add custom panel text and upload the 4 Jpeg images that will get mapped to the 4 panels in the exhibit.


Exhibit Hall SetupPlace your new exhibit anywhere within the Virtual Trade Show floor. As an administrator of the exhibit hall, you can move and edit exhibits from any desktop web browser or from Android and IOS devices.