What is a Virtual Trade Show

A Virtual Trade Show has all the sights and sounds of physical trade show but seen through an Internet browser or mobile device. A Virtual Trade Show will have multiple rooms, filled with exhibits, posters and video displays. The Virtual Trade Show can serve the attendees the same as if they walked through the front doors of the brick and mortar exhibit hall.


Attendees walk the Virtual Trade Show floor by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. For instance, use the “Up” arrow key to move forward and the “Down” arrow key to move backward.


Attendees walk the Virtual Trade Show floor, watching videos, reading posters and interacting with other attendees and venders at each exhibit booths. See Virtual Trade Show Booths

key features
  • Easy Entrance
  • Quick Exhibitor Information
  • Live Chat with Exhibors and Attendees
  • Video Screens and Auditorium Videos
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