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Virtual Trade Show: Why The Move From Flash to WebGL

Virtual Trade Show Floor GoExhibit dove into the Virtual Trade Show marketplace in 2001. Back then, the latest-and-greatest way to show 3D content over the web was to showcase the virtual trade shows using the Adobe Shockwave platform. Years later, due to the unavoidable decline of Shockwave support by Adobe, GoExhibit moved it's attendees off of the Shockwave platform and onto the next-best thing - Adobe Flash.

Our Flash virtual trade shows offered the same dynamic features and visual display as the Shockwave version. However, like Shockwave, Adobe's Flash started to become less and less popular.

Read Wired: ADOBE FINALLY KILLS FLASH DEAD - a 2017 article by Brian Barrett.

In 2015, GoExhibit announced the release of the virtual trade show software offered on the WebGL platform. Why WebGL? As written in "Wired: Flash Is Dead Ö Long Live WebGL" an article by Marcus Kruger, "...WebGL powered HTML5 is now the largest platform on the planet for interactive browser graphics. And considering that WebGL also can be packaged into native apps and run independent of a browser on both desktop and mobile, the device reach is even vaster."

Through the past 15 years, GoExhibit has kept up with the latest technology platforms to bring a high-impact, 3D presentation of virtual trade show exhibits to your online attendees. We're able to show the new features on this new, exciting platform... and we can't wait for you to see.