3D Virtual Trade Shows !

3D Virtual Trade Shows!

No software to install!

No 3rd-party plugins!

View on most standard desktop browsers.

Showcase your vendors, members or other exhibitors in the most dynamic environment on the web. And it can be easily embedded on your website!

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Mobile Virtual Trade Show

Get the same desktop Virtual Trade Show on your IOS or Android devices.

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Adding Your Customizations

If your exhibit hall requires features that are not available in the standard experience, GoExhibit will work with you to integrate your ideas!

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Get Started with Your Real Virtual Trade Show

Your attendess walk through the 3D environment that you created, going from booth to booth and clicking on display panels for more information about each exhibitor.

View: What is a Virtual Trade Show


When logged in as an admin, you can update signage, messaging and the position of exhibits in real time.

View: How to Create a Virtual Trade Show


A DIY Virtual Trade Show

You can update exhibits at any time. Move exhibits anywhere. Even update graphics, links and messaging on individual exhibits.

Or... you can have us do it for you!

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Are you Ready?

It takes only a few minutes to get your Virtual Exhibit Hall ready for you to start adding exhibits.

Email us today or use the form on the Contact Us page to get started.

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